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Lipolaser device is a cosmetic treatments device which support body sculpting. Helps remove excess weight and cellulite, without damaging the other tissues such as nerves, skin or blood vessels.
The product is intended to work in confined spaces free of condensed steam.

Treatment advantages:
– method pleasant for customers (feeling the heat on the treated area)
– during the treatment there is no discomfort
– fast and painless reduction of body circumferences on the treated area
– comfort and well-being of customers
– easy usage of the device
– fast fat reduction
– painless cellulite reduction
– body slimming

Regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin (laser has biostimulating properties):
– Improvement of circulation and metabolism
– Trophic tissue improvement (nourishing, oxygenation)
– Alternative to esthetic surgery

Treatment indications:
– cellulite
– slimming
– supporting weight loss
– body shape modeling

Treatment contraindications:
– pregnancy,
– breastfeeding
– cancers
– heart failure
– hypertension
– skin dermatoses
– open wounds or skin damage in the treatment site
– fever and poor general health
– osteoporosis
– epilepsy
– menstruation
– diabetes
– pacemakers
– art valve
– liver diseases
– metal elements/implants on the treated area

Frequency and duration of use
The treatment shall be repeated once a week in series of 10 treatments. And once a month as an repeat procedure. Duration of a single treatment is 30-45 minutes, it depends on the type of customers problem. Single treatment should not be longer than 60 minutes. If on the one visit customer wants to have a treatment on two areas for example: thighs and arms, on every part the treatment can’t be longer than 30 minutes. In summary exposition of the body for the radiation is not longer than 60 minutes – it is the daily maximum limit.